Delaware Area Code

Delaware's main area code is 302, covering the entire state, and it also employs an overlay area code, 302, to accommodate increased demand for phone numbers. This dual-code system ensures efficient telecommunications.

State delaware
State Abbreviation: DE
State Nickname: First State Equality State
Capital City Dover
Area Codes 302
Timezone Eastern Time (ET)
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What time zone is Delaware?

Delaware is primarily served by the 302 area code. The time zone for most of Delaware is Eastern Time (ET), which is UTC-5 during Standard Time and UTC-4 during Daylight Saving Time (EDT). However, please note that the time zone and Daylight Saving Time rules can change, so it's always a good idea to verify the current time zone if needed for specific locations in Delaware.

Note that the start and end dates of daylight saving time can change


Delaware's area codes have undergone significant changes over the years. Originally, the state was served by a single area code, 302, which was established in 1947. As telecommunications needs grew, an overlay area code, 302, was introduced in 1996 to ensure a sufficient supply of phone numbers without affecting existing ones. This overlay allowed Delaware to accommodate the proliferation of mobile phones and other devices while maintaining the familiarity of the original area code. These changes in Delaware's area codes reflect the evolving telecommunications landscape in the state, ensuring seamless communication for its residents and businesses.

All Area Codes in Delaware

This table provides a quick overview of all area codes, their locations, and some historical context for each.

Area Code Location History and Details
302 Delaware (Entire State) Original and primary area code for the entire state of Delaware, established in 1947.

Largest Cities in delaware with area codes

Quick overview of large cities, their area codes, and some historical context for each in deware.

Name Area Code History and Details
Delaware 302 The largest city in Delaware, known for its economic significance, riverfront district, and cultural attractions.
Dover 302 The capital city of Delaware, rich in history and home to the state government, including Legislative Hall.
Newark 302 Home to the University of Delaware, Newark offers a vibrant downtown and educational opportunities.
Middletown 302 A growing town in northern Delaware with suburban communities and proximity to major highways.
Smyrna 302 A historic town with a charming downtown area, known for its small-town atmosphere.
Milford 302 Situated along the Mispillion River, Milford is known for its scenic beauty and historical districts.
Seaford 302 A town in southern Delaware with an agricultural heritage and outdoor recreational opportunities.
Georgetown 302 The county seat of Sussex County, Georgetown is an important administrative center in the south of the state.