Indiana Area Code

Indiana's area codes are numeric designations for different regions within the state. Notable ones include 317 for central Indiana (Indianapolis), 219 for northwest Indiana (Gary), 260 for northeast Indiana (Fort Wayne), 812 for southern Indiana (Evansville), 765 for eastern and central Indiana (Muncie), and 574 for northern Indiana (South Bend). Area Code 463 is an overlay for 317.

State Indiana
State Abbreviation: IN
State Nickname: Hoosier State Equality State
Capital City Indianapolis
Area Codes 219, 260, 317, 574, 765, 812
Timezone Eastern Time (ET),Central Time Zone (CT)
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What time zone is Indiana?

Indiana's time zones are diverse. Most of the state, including Indianapolis, operates in the Eastern Time Zone (ET), but some areas, like Gary and Evansville, use the Central Time Zone (CT). The approach to daylight saving time (DST) varies, with certain regions adopting it while others do not. During DST, ET becomes Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), and CT becomes Central Daylight Time (CDT). Specific time zone and DST practices can differ by location within Indiana.

Note that the start and end dates of daylight saving time can change


Indiana's area codes have adapted over time to accommodate the state's changing telecommunications landscape. Originally encompassed by a single area code, 317, Indiana introduced additional codes like 219, 260, 812, 765, and 574 to cater to different regions. The deployment of overlay codes like 463 was necessary to meet the escalating demand for phone numbers in densely populated areas, particularly around Indianapolis. This transformation in area codes aligns with Indiana's population growth and evolving communication requirements.

All Area Codes in Indiana

This table provides a quick overview of all area codes, their locations, and some historical context for each.

Area Code Location History and Details
219 Northwest Indiana Covers Northwest Indiana, including cities like Gary, Hammond, and Merrillville.
260 Northeast Indiana Covers Northeast Indiana, including cities like Fort Wayne and South Bend.
317 Central Indiana Covers Central Indiana, including Indianapolis, the state capital.
463 Overlay for 317 An overlay area code for 317, serving the same areas.
574 North Central Indiana Covers North Central Indiana, including cities like South Bend and Elkhart.
765 Central Indiana Covers Central Indiana, including cities like Lafayette and Muncie.
812 Southern Indiana Covers Southern Indiana, including cities like Evansville, Terre Haute, and Bloomington.

Largest Cities in Indiana with area codes

Quick overview of large cities, their area codes, and some historical context for each in Indiana.

Name Area Code History and Details
Indianapolis 876,384 The capital and largest city in Indiana, known for its vibrant downtown, cultural attractions, and sports events.
Fort Wayne 267,633 The second-largest city in Indiana, located in the northeastern part of the state. Strong manufacturing and healthcare presence.
Evansville 117,979 Located in southwestern Indiana, near the border with Kentucky. Known for its riverfront and cultural events.
South Bend 102,762 In north-central Indiana, famous for being the home of the University of Notre Dame.
Carmel 101,068 A fast-growing city in the northern suburbs of Indianapolis, known for its quality of life and vibrant arts scene.
Fishers 95,310 Another rapidly growing city in the Indianapolis metropolitan area, known for its family-friendly environment.
Bloomington 85,071 In south-central Indiana, home to Indiana University and known for its diverse cultural scene.
Hammond 77,134 Located in northwest Indiana, near the Illinois border, with a rich industrial history.
Gary 80,294 Also in northwest Indiana, along the southern shore of Lake Michigan, with an industrial heritage.
Lafayette 75,702 Located in west-central Indiana and known for Purdue University and its educational and research presence.