New Mexico Area Code

New Mexico has several area codes, with the most common being area code 505. This area code covers central and northern New Mexico, including major cities like Albuquerque and Santa Fe. It has been a significant part of New Mexico's telecommunications infrastructure for many years, serving a diverse range of communities in the state.

State New Mexico
State Abbreviation: NM
State Nickname: Land of Enchantment Equality State
Capital City Santa Fe
Area Codes 505, 575
Timezone Mountain Time Zone (MT)
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What time zone is New Mexico?

New Mexico is primarily in the Mountain Time Zone (MT), but there can be local variations due to the observance of DST in some areas, like the Navajo Nation. It's important to be aware of these variations when dealing with specific locations within the state.

Note that the start and end dates of daylight saving time can change


The area code history of New Mexico reflects the evolution of the telephone system in the United States. Initially assigned the area code 505 , New Mexico saw the introduction of area code 575 in 2007 to meet the growing demand for phone numbers, primarily in the southern and eastern regions. This expansion reflects the state's population growth and the changing telecommunications landscape, illustrating how area codes adapt to technological advancements and increased communication needs.

All Area Codes in New Mexico.

Area Code Location History and Details
505 Central and Northern New Mexico, including Albuquerque and Santa Fe Originally assigned area code
575 Southern and Eastern New Mexico, including Las Cruces, Roswell, and Clovis Introduced in 2007 to accommodate increased demand

Largest Cities in New Mexico with area codes.

Quick overview of large cities, their area codes, and some historical context for each New Mexico.

Name Area Code History and Details
Santa Fe 505 The capital city of New Mexico, served by area code 505.
Roswell 575 Known for its UFO incident, Roswell uses area code 575.
Farmington 505 City in northern New Mexico served by area code 505.
Clovis 575 Located in eastern New Mexico, Clovis has area code 575.
Hobbs 575 City in the southeastern part of the state with area code 575.
Alamogordo 575 Served by area code 575, known for White Sands National Park.
Carlsbad 575 Area code 575 for this city, home to Carlsbad Caverns.